Storm Damage Photo Gallery

No Job Is Too Big!

SERVPRO of Bloomfield is always ready when disaster strikes. Whether your roof has a leak from the torrential downfall of rain or severe storms come through and destroy your business. 

Our company is continually growing so we can better assist you in your time of need. 

Sump Pump Failure

Storms can lead to power outages, and sump pump failure. This means water in the home, damage and flooding. This homeowner experienced water damage in the basement after a heavy summer storm. 


This home experienced a flood in their walk out basement, due to heavy rain from the summer storm.  Water collected in the yard, and needed to be removed in order to prevent more damage from happening.   SERVPRO of Bloomfield was there to help! 

Flooded Basement

A heavy rainstorm shorted out the outlet that this homeowners’ sump pump was plugged into which caused the basement to flood.  SERVPRO of Bloomfield arrived quickly and started the mitigation process.  The homeowners’ basement was dry within a few days.

Fallen Tree

One way you can prepare for Michigan storms is  to cut down all of the dead tree limbs that are in your yard.  It is extremely important to cut the ones that are by your home, vehicles, pools, garage and campers.

Roof Damage

Trees can do a ton of damage to your home and property.  We were called out on this job after a storm had went through. There was significant damage to the garage roof and inside the garage as well.